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Similar to the M3, the M4 is also packed with the molten case titanium head with 5 layered carbon crown that gives it a lighter and deeper club head which is quite strong. The TaylorMade M6 driver is considered to be the true speed-enhancing driver in the market. It also provides less loft low in the heel and extra loft high in the toe to ensure the consistency of the spin even in the case of mishits.

According to Callaway Golf, 18 PGA Tour players, 17 European Tour players and five LPGA players use the company’s clubs. Phil Mickelson, Stuart Appleby and Ernie Els are among the PGA pros who carry the FT Tour driver. Mickelson won the 2010 Masters, Appleby shot a 59 in the closing round to win the Greenbrier Classic in August 2010, and Els won the 2010 Arnold Palmer Invitational using the FT Tour driver. On the European Tour, Thomas Bjorn and Niclas Fasth are among the players who carry the FT Tour driver.

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Using the correct loft on your driver can result in increased range from the tee. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t, and the reason you need to know it is because it affects the amount of backspin you create, which in turn affects the distance the ball will travel. As golf shaft technology continues to advance, manufacturers are experimenting more with bend profiles within golf shaft flex segments; in other words, not all stiff golf shafts bend the same. While itistrue that a more recover deleted files free rigid or stiff shaft flex can assist in creating a straighter shot, the lack of carry distance also means the shot will be a low runner with no chance of stopping. You want to optimize all these factors for your swing and your ball flight.

Thus in order to help you out, we decided to make a list of the top best drivers ever released by TaylorMade that you can invest in. Over the years TaylorMade has constructed some of the top-notch drivers in the market. Individuals who are loyal to the brand tend to shop all their products from TM but choosing one driver out of all the ones released by TaylorMade is definitely an overwhelming task.

It’s worth remembering the advice the great Arnold Palmer’s father drilled into him from an early age – “Hit it hard, boy. Go find it and hit it again.” That’s good general advice to follow if you want to hit the ball far. But if you are a beginner or high handicapper who is serious about getting your scores down you’re going to have pick up the driver at some stage in an effort get that all important extra distance. So a couple of other things you should bear in mind in your quest to hit your driver better.

Tee the ball high enough to allow your driver to make square contact. A good launch angle is what we are after; slower swings require higher launch angles. Driver loft helps determine this angle, but so does your angle of attack when you swing.

Just by reading through these tips there is clearly a lot to get to grips with when it comes to the driver. Hitting it consistently well won’t happen over night and it will take some hard work and patience to get better at it and realise the benefits of those distance gains that come with the driver. The truth is, built into those enormous club heads today is more forgiveness for mis-hits than you get with any other club. Professor Broadie’s research found that an 20 extra yards of driving distance is worth nearly 3 strokes per round to the typical 115-scoring player.

Here’s a copy of his results on the impact of driving distance on scores in his book ‘Every Shot Counts’. If you really want to significantly lower your scores and handicap it is hard to overstate the importance of hitting the ball as far as possible. When you watch golf there’s nothing quite like watching the pros smash their drives 300 plus yards far into the distance.

Plus you can adjust the position of the CG as well to control the launch and the trajectory which also increases the MOI. Today in this guide we are going to discuss some of the best TaylorMade drivers that were very launched by the brand in its 40 years of existence. If you are a fan looking to invest in one of the best TaylorMade drivers then you should definitely read through the guide below. Out of the top 10 best golf driver brands in the market, TaylorMade is definitely one of the most loved ones by the customers. Golf is one of the most played sport in the world and there have been a number of companies that have been competing to manufacturer the best golf equipment for the golfers out there.